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About us

History of Adyan Agro Limited:

Adyan Agro Ltd. is one of the leading Companies playing a vital role in the development of livestock, poultry & aqua sectors in Bangladesh since 2009. We represent internationally recognized companies manufacturing world class products towards our valued customers.

Corporate Profile:

Adyan Agro Ltd. is the general member of Animal Health Companies Association of Bangladesh (AHCAB) & registered in the Department of Livestock Services (DLS).

Vision & Mission:

Adyan Agro Ltd. started with a new vision & broader outlook to meet the challenges of rapidly growing livestock, poultry & aquaculture world. We supply world class feed additives, nutritional products, medicated premixes, bio security products etc. to our valued customers.

Strategy of the Company:

Adyan Agro is working to develop the animal health sector in Bangladesh: There is no substitute for milk, meat and eggs to build a healthy and strong nation. The people of the country are much more aware now. People not only want food now, but also think about how safe that food is. Entrepreneurs in our poultry, fisheries and livestock sector are also trying to figure out how to deliver safe and nutritious food to the people. Adyan Agro is an integral part of their efforts to deliver high quality, affordable and safe food to the people. Adyan Agro Limited, one of the largest companies in the country, is working tirelessly to continue the trend of development in the poultry, fisheries and livestock sectors, the main source of the country's animal protein sector. The main goal of Adyan Agro is not just to sell products or do business in the country's animal health sector. Adyan Agro is committed to providing the highest level of service in ensuring animal nutrition, above all human nutrition. The feed additives essential for poultry, fish and cattle feed production are being imported from internationally renowned organizations like ADISSEO FRANCE, NUTRIAD BELGIUM, JEFO NUTRITION INC., CANADA, Symrise to Bangladesh by Adyan Agro Ltd. These research products are widely accepted in Bangladesh & all over the world. The role of these feed additives in the production of safe and healthy eggs, milk and meat is immense. Adyan Agro is at the forefront of customer service. In setting up world class laboratories, Adyan Agro provides technical services to the customers in setting up & use of NIR properly. This helps customers to analyze animal feed and raw materials instantly.

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